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    100% hand-made in Taiwan. The design of the lashing rope and the buckle is easy to fix and remove on the suitcase, helping to identify the specific suitcase more quickly.

      想走就走瀟洒自如 (NT$) -- A款

        • 成分:
          本體 / 防潑8N帆布
          輔料 / 四合扣:塑料、蠟繩:綿、蠟。
        • 規格:
          2.5*38 (cm)
        • 產地:台灣。


        • Content: 
          Body / Water Repellency 8N Canvas
          Accessories / Snap button
        • Specification: 
          Size =2.5*38 (cm).
        • Origin: Taiwan.
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