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三折 掛繩 口罩套 超潑表層 可放濾棉 tri-fold mask cover (Filter insert)

100%台灣手工製作的可放入濾棉的三折式口罩套,雙層車縫設計,表面使用光滑質感的蜜桃絨材質,內裏布使用透氣鳥眼布。背面中央處有開口,可插入濾棉或口罩,搭配口罩套本身可重複換洗使用,達到基礎的過濾功能(本產品不含濾棉)。全材質皆使用符合歐盟環保規範OEKO-TEX Standard 100-Class II,對任何年齡之人體皆安全無害。


100% made by hand in Taiwan. Double-layered seam design with smooth texture of peach velvet on the surface and breathable bird eye fabric inner. There is an opening in the center of the back, where filter cotton can be inserted, and the mask cover itself can be replaced and washed repeatedly to achieve the basic filtering function (this product does not contain filter cotton). All materials are in compliance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100-Class II, which is safe for humans of any age.

欲言又止相見歡-口罩套 (US$) -- A款

    • 成分:
      表布 / W-F®潑水蜜桃絨:100%聚酯纖維。
      內裏 / 鳥眼布:100%聚酯纖維。
      綁繩 / 尼龍
    • 規格:
      平放面積 / 成人=17*9、兒童=14*9
      綁繩長度*4條 / 成人=17、兒童=14 (cm)
    • 產地:台灣。
    • 製造商:灣得文創


    • Content: 
      Appearance / W-F®Water repellent Peach-velvet : 100% polyester.
      Inner / Bird eye fabric : 100% polyester.
      Tied rope / nylon.
    • Specification: 
      Flat area / Adult=17*9, Child=14*9
      Length of tied rope * 4 pcs / Adult=17 , Child=12 (cm)
    • Origin: Taiwan.
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